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tv   Headline News  RT  August 12, 2014 5:00pm-5:29pm EDT

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crosstalk rules and if it doesn't you can jump in anytime you want. coming up on r t outrage continues after an unarmed teenager is shot by a police officer just outside of st louis missouri now the department of justice is getting involved but this may not be enough to satisfy those rioting in the streets . and the u.s. continues to fight back isis in iraq with more airstrikes coming up we sit down with former congressman ron paul to ask whether or not the u.s. should be involved. and the world is looking for answers as the a bowl of virus spreads across africa without a cure patients are ready to experiment with
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a new on tested drug so what could this mean for the future of the virus more on that later in the show. it's tuesday august twelfth five pm in washington d.c. i mean you're a david and you're watching our. we begin today with the latest in the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager in missouri the family of eighteen year old michael brown is calling for peace after protests over the weekend led to rioting tensions are running high as the f.b.i. st louis p.d. and attorney general begin their investigations into brown's death even president barack obama weighed in today in a statement he said we should comfort each other and talk with one another in a way that heals not in a way that wounds along with our prayers that's what michael and his family and our
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broader american community deserve artie's on a stasia target and is in ferguson which is just outside of st louis with the very latest on the community's response to michael brown's death. we're currently in ferguson in the suburbs of st louis missouri where tensions have been flying high ever since saturday when eighteen year old michael brown who was on armed was killed by multiple shots from a police officer who has so far been unidentified we do know that accounts of what exactly took place different police say that the young man had had an altercation with the police officer by getting into his car and trying to take his gun police say that he was reportedly with another young man and they had been in this fight with a police officer that led to at least one gone shot being fired inside the police car and then according to the police several gunshots were fired at the young man
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which led to his death now as we know of course tensions chaos violence and really mayhem have been an unraveling on the streets here for these last couple of nights look they just fired tear gas. ok so tear gas is being fired at the protesters even though there's only really a couple of dozen people here at least police have been issuing warnings and warnings for at least two hours now that this would happen if protesters didn't disperse most of the people here that we've spoken to are locals living on this particular street in this community and they're not bothering anybody and they are showing the police you cannot make us go in sad a house as we can stand out here on the south wall until the dawn comes if we'd like you cannot force this best martial law you telling us we got a curfew now it was on this street last night monday night that police and riot gear had used tear gas this tuesday in the afternoon it's obviously a completely different story and it was on an afternoon just like this on saturday
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that michael brown was killed with multiple gunshot witness accounts of what happened differ very much from what the police has been describing people have said that they saw michael. running away from the police car with his hands up showing that he was on armed when several bullets were fired the police has said that the number of bullets was more than a couple but not much more than statements like this have been causing the community to bring their outrage out onto the streets night after night demanding answers to this tragic death their windows shattered dozens of businesses like this one in ferguson have been boarded up and shut down after the looting and vandalism that has been taking place electronic cords ripped out and security cameras broken some of the store vendors. bought up and protect what's left. but i can understand a family craning. my condolences go out to the found this gas station convenience store was pretty much completely burned down after on sunday hundreds of protesters
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took to the streets after a vigil held for michael brown the eighteen year old was just about to start college was just days away from going to school and this place and really this death has become a tragic symbol of the major disconnect that exists in this community between the police who are meant to serve and protect and the predominantly black community that lives here. archie ferguson missouri. and now the latest in iraq u.s. military forces continue to target islam like state militants today by conducting an airstrike on an isis mortar position north of sin jar jar is in northwestern iraq near the syrian border and is there an area mostly inhabited by use edis a religious group that right now is under siege and attempting to evacuate the region the air strike comes just a day after senior officials said the u.s. government had also begun to funnel weapons directly to kurdish forces fighting the
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islamist militants who are advancing in the northern part of the country it's unclear what kinds of arms are being sent to the region however they are reportedly being sent through a cold. virt channel established by the cia to talk about the latest u.s. military action in the country and its implications earlier i spoke with former texas congressman ron paul i first asked him about the latest developments and the arming of kurdish forces. i think it's a little bit late to try to salvage all the mistakes that we've made for the past twenty four years i've been opposed to going into iraq all the way back to the beginning in one nine hundred ninety because i believe in nonintervention that we should mind our own business and it never works very well so in spite of the problems in the obvious people suffering from this it's a consequence of us being in there and i don't think the solution is being involved even more so once again and renew all the efforts because i'm afraid it will end up
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with a lot more violence because they're putting more troops in there right now so i think the policy that we should follow is one designed to allow the iraqis to solve all their problems and stay out of this let them deal with it because we've tried for a long time we've lost a lot of lives spent a lot of money and we've allowed a mess to develop and nothing but amassing chaos there and in a way were partially responsible for that and seeing the way isis has operated so far do you think the kurds are even capable of being great fighters and that they're very good at it and i would think that they're they're quite capable of doing this i'm surprised that they haven't retaliate a little bit better but one of the reasons why they haven't done very well is that isis ended up getting a lot of weapons from us and they they've captured weapons i've got him out of
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syria and i'm sure there are some that came from libya so they're well armed so we haven't done the kurds any favor whatsoever so it would have been much better of course you know when when the host crisis started in the early part of this century is just allow the courage to have their own country and by now they would be in much better shape but i think our policies interact it has made it very difficult for the kurds to defend themselves because their enemies are well armed with american weapons and they. case of syria we saw the u.s. struggle quite a bit as they tried to decipher exactly who to arm with in opposition and as a result some of those weapons selling to the wrong hands in the case of iraq the u.s. is arming a much more organized kurdish force do you think there's still concern that weapons could really fall into the wrong hands here absolutely they always there's us always the possibility that intentions are always good but there's always the
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danger of this happening so i would stick to the basic principle that we have a strong national defense we defend our national security we don't get involved in fights around the world we don't get involved with civil strife and civil wars and especially what was going on in the middle east so no i think the argument stands on its own merits that we should and shouldn't be involved in doing this you might say well yeah but the kurds are a lot better people to support than say the unidentifiable groups of rebels that were in syria which is quite possibly be be the case but i think if we stayed out of iraq. the whole world would be a lot better off and i think the kurds would be a lot better off as well while the obama administration says it must act in order to protect american personnel and diplomats stationed at the u.s. consulate in erbil if the city falls to islamic militants isis could of course
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they're radically progressed even further under that logic do you agree that some kind of military action is needed yeah we should send in an airplane and bring them out because it's a war zone and why why why look for some disaster to happen like it did in libya you know in our ambassador getting killed so i would say yes a military has a responsibility to retreat when they need to and. i think we have spent too much and look i lived through the time and was in the military during the vietnam war and what a disaster that was and ended up with a retreat and look how much better off of vietnam is today because we just flat out left after we and the french have been done such harm to the vietnamese so i think the sooner we get out there the the better we don't have a moral responsibility we don't have a constitutional responsibility has nothing to do with our national security
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jeopardizes our national security and is bankrupting our country and this is exactly what some of ben ladan wanted he wanted to engage it's over there because he says i'll bring you down like i brought the soviets down because we will take you to bankruptcy and we're doing the same thing because we flat out can't afford it it's a failed policy i think after so many years and so many decades we ought to admit the truth so you believe there is no moral obligation whatsoever on the part of the us to go back in there. not as a government and i think people who are interested and they want to donate money and send the red cross over there to help people i think that's very legitimate but no i do not believe that we have any moral responsibility to pack up send more troops over there every day you read about more military going in and of course they said we had we don't want to have boots on the ground will we never got rid of
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the boots on the ground we had a special forces in the cia and others involved very much involved always prepared to go back in so no i think it's a it's a bad situation and we do not have this obligation you did mention boots on the ground in the past president obama has said that combat troops are not going to be fighting in iraq he's made that clear several times that at the same time we've heard the obama administration say no option is off the table when it comes to military involvement do you think president obama will stick to his word or is this essentially mission creep as you see it. well of course it is a sad way both administrations have run things there's always mission creep and of course the republicans hockey's republicans in our hysterical that he's not bombing and killing and sending more troops in faster even with all these failures it's unbelievable when are they ever going to quit and say hey maybe our policies are wrong and yet we continue to do the same thing over and over again so yes i
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think there will be mission creep i think it's already there i think we never really left iraq and now we're building up the troops again and who knows what the unforseen consequences will be may get worse before it gets better and then we're going to have to send a lot more personnel in besides using bombers and using drone missiles it's an act of war we're committing war and innocent people die look how many innocent people have died at the hands of our drone drone bombs at the same time that this same thing will happen again and there will be a lot of unintended consequences and it certainly will be a expected consequence when it will drive us further into bankruptcy and then of course there's the public opinion aspect of this now according to a recent a.p. poll seventy eight percent of americans think that history will judge the iraqi war as a sail year and most say the u.s.
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was right to withdraw american troops from the country and two thousand and eleven where do you think american public opinion stands on this latest retreat back into iraq do you think there are any americans that believe we should go back and you know i do and i think come fortunately i think the numbers are going to grow because all you have to do is describe you know isis and the ruthlessness of the way they act but you know that's office thought too that we have to go in and rescue you know the tragedy that is happening in northern iraq but what about when all. all the christians were run out of iraq when we were in charge of the government there is no concern about the people who are suffering from from the war in gaza is everybody russian there's a there's a humanitarian concern what about the people in eastern courageous or an eastern ukraine where we're actually trying to stop russia from sending is somehow the same time we're trying to struct it from coming in and of course that to me i
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think they're pure hypocrites on who whose which crisis they want to attend to and i think what we're seeing down around iraq and all the war that's been going on for all these years has a lot to do with oil quite frankly and right now it has to do with oil and probably rescuing our military personnel but we're digging a bigger hole for ourselves which we have been doing for decades. that was former texas congressman ron paul. and now to the latest in ukraine new clashes took place today between police and protesters in the ukrainian capital of kiev up to two thousand people gathered in independence square which is the name and the rather ukrainian parliament to vote in favor of a bill that would prohibit current and former members of parliament to run for office in the future the people who have been promised change when the previous
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president was ousted now want to see authorities keep good on their promise the violence erupted after police tried to confiscate tires which the protesters tried to set on fire meanwhile a humanitarian convoy from russia has crossed the ukrainian border to provide relief to residents in war torn eastern ukraine moscow agreed to kiev suggestions and representatives of the red cross sea and ukrainian authorities inspected the cargo and are present on board the trucks u.n. secretary general ban ki moon also welcomed the humanitarian mission. and the new york based committee to protect journalists issued a statement calling on ukrainian authorities to clarify the status of the russian photojournalist andres duany and the journalist reporting for ria novosti was reported missing on august fifth and his whereabouts are still unknown allegedly he was detained by ukrainian security forces but this information has yet to be
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confirmed. the seventy two hour ceasefire agreement between israel and hamas is still in effect giving people in the region a chance to catch their breath while israeli and palestinian officials are looking for a long term compromise the humanitarian crisis in gaza remains unresolved an independent humanitarian mission is being launched to bring relief to the people of the devastated city despite the seven year old israeli blockade the turkish humanitarian relief foundation is planning to send another convoy to those who are in grave need of the supplies the details of the mission are to be disclosed by the foundation later this week the organization behind this initiative as part of the international freedom flotilla coalition was formed after the tragic events of two thousand and ten when the ship mavi marmara tried to break the blockade and deliver
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relief supplies to the gaza strip israeli military then stormed the vessel killing nine turkish activists this comes just a day after the un said it would issue an inquiry into possible human rights violations and war crimes committed by both sides during the military offensive artie's policy player takes a look at how israel is fighting those claims. israel has called the united nations human rights council a kangaroo court it comes after the announcement from the council that it was appointing a three member panel to investigate allegations of possible war crimes now the decision follows an announcement that was made several weeks ago by the head of the council navi pillay and she said at that time that there is the strong possibility that israel is violating international law and that will power was should hold israel accountable for possible war crimes she went on to point out that the israelis had hit schools and hit homes and hospitals gaza's only power plant you
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and premises and that all of this was in violation of the geneva conventions the u.n. chief thank you it was also in the past spoken out in the hottest terms against israel accusing it of hitting particularly in schools where thousands of gazans who have been displaced by the monthlong fighting were seeking refuge now israel has responded by calling this forty seven member state forward in the words of the country's foreign minister he said it was a terrorist whites' council and that its investigations and conclusions were predictable israel accuses the un of being a biased against it and what these radiology meant is is that it is him us who should be investigated for what they call double war crimes number one firing rockets at israel and number two using civilians as human shields. as a world continues to watch the rowing threat of a disease without a cure today in a w.h.o. endorse the use of an experimental drug in an effort to thwart
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a bola artie's manila jan brings us more on this developing story. the death toll from the epidemic now stands at over a thousand according to the world health organization and including a spanish priest who became the first european to die in the worst outbreak of the disease ever the world is bracing for a larger scale outbreak and pressure is mounting on president obama and u.s. drug makers to help mitigate further impact of this deadly disease now no proven vaccine or cure really exists yet there is one drug made in san diego california that many hope could help the map a previously untested drug was first tried out on the two americans affected with ebola dr kent brantly and nancy now that prompted four countries hit with the outbreak sierra leone liberia guinea and nigeria to ask why their countries haven't received the experimental drug now in those countries six hundred people are
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currently suffering with ebola and according to the doctors that testified last week a bully hearing on capitol hill they suspect there may be several hundred more going undetected now liberian president ellen johnson sirleaf contacted president obama and asked for u.s. intervention to help save several west african doctors who are now afflicted themselves it's unknown at this time exactly how many doses of the vaccine were given to liberia but the world health organization has made clear that those individuals who are choosing to take this vaccine are doing so at their own risk dr marie paul kinney the assistant director general at w o h o said in a press conference this week that the patients in west africa is ethical but could in no way they would no way guarantee its efficacy now when asked about the coming availability of the drug dr kinney had this to say. brokering
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we do know what we do not get involved into a discussion about to shoot get what drug it work movement what we have been doing in is when we have been requests for example of who is they have looking such and such if we have new coordinates of you know a book we will certainly give. the discussion can. between somebody who has a drug or vaccine and another one would like to to obtain it so we can serve as a broker if you sense but only by. contacts now w.h.o. the white house and all the bio pharma companies involved are already coming under fire from both sides of this vaccine argument the makers of the maps say they have depleted their entire stock of the drug which was just set to go into animal
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testing phase and they were about a year away from being ready to test on humans when this outbreak hit now on the one hand because dr brantley is doing so well almost immediately following his vaccination some are hailing this as a miracle drug or even a cure for ebola it's also believe though that seventy five year old spanish priest miguel harris who died over the weekend was given that drug so pressure is mounting on the makers of the map and the obama administration to facilitate faster production of the drug now the f.d.a. has not approved this medicine for wide public use and can in no way confirm that it can help patients so world health leaders are kind of mired in a catch twenty two if they don't allow further use of the map the public will say they're allowing people to die unnecessarily on the other hand if they allow the use of the map on a broader scale of people the public will say they're experimenting on humans so
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it's kind of a tough call for doctors to make at this point but it is a decision that will have to be made sooner rather than later due to this apparent rapid infection rate from washington manila chan arts. all right before hearing this you should probably brace yourself newly released footage reveals that osama bin laden has entered the united states by illegally across the us mexico border well not really that's actually a political activist jane doe see if most known for a previous acorn scandal in one of the more bizarre acts of political commentary o'keefe released the video posing as bin laden to highlight the lack of security along the border between the united states and mexico now o'keefe was treading across a small stretch of the rio grande along the tech so texas border. and i'm in the united states. in the us the county i don't see a single federal officer anywhere in the walls no guns no people
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totally peaceful quiet and serene i'm in the united states ok it goes on to state that we should not believe obama and other officials of the border is secure because you can cross a three thousand mile border so easily without being apprehended by border patrol agents at the end of the piece o'keefe asks audience if they feel safe before donning the bin laden costume and crossing the river once again however it also begs the question of whether americans feel safe knowing that a u.s. citizen can cross the border dressed as a dead islamist militants without incident and that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r.t. america and check out our web site r t dot com slash usa follow me on twitter at n.p.r. david. dramas that can't be ignored to. stories others who refuse to
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notice. it's changing the world right now. the old picture of say steve. jones is from around the globe. don't get me we want some error nate and abby martin to have a terrific hosts on the r. t. network. it's going to give you a different perspective give me one stock tip never i'll give you the information you make the decision only about how breaking the set works in the mind it's a revolution of ideas and consciousness a frustrated with the system the i'm extremely powerful it's would be described as angry i think i'm a strong enough under single. we
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all know by now that google read through our emails and then offers up as that are relevant to whatever emailing about sending mom an e-mail about the curtains you just bought and you're going to see a lot of links for more curtains all around your email compliments of google were used to google scan american emails for that purpose but now it seems they're scanning already now for reasons other than advertising and it raises some serious privacy and civil liberties concern now it appears they're making the content of our emails available not just to advertisers but to law enforcement henry skillern is the man from texas who was just arrested after
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a google let authorities know he was using his g. mail account to send images of child porn google apparently scanned as e-mail saw he was e-mailing three explicit pictures of a young girl and then alerted authorities cops got a warrant went over this killer's house found other child pornography images on his devices and arrested him now this isn't skillern first time getting in trouble for child porn twenty years ago in one thousand nine hundred four he was convicted of sexually assaulting an eight year old boy now he's on the facts offenders registry for that lately he's been working as a cook at a denny's in pasadena after searching scalars house with the warrant police say they found video of young kids visiting the restaurant with their family investigators also found text messages and more e-mails where he talked about his interest in children detective david nettles of the houston metro internet crimes against children tad. or doesn't know how google who the guy was emailing child
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porn pictures could have something to do with their relatively new initiative against child pornography although when eric schmidt announced it last fall he didn't say anything about how they might stay and people's private e-mails to find incriminating photos detective nettled says he doesn't know how they did it he's just glad they did it and yeah stopping creeps from passing around sexually explicit pictures of kids is obviously a good they've but this is a very clear instance of google's getting a user's e-mail and sharing that information with law enforcement it's taking the notion of tech companies by not as up but not so from here on out whether you use google or any other company for your e-mail remember this anything new e-mail can and probably will be used against you.


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